Veterinarians and Pet Crematoriums: Contact us for wholesale pricing.


Wholesale Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?

We will ship your order out within 3 business days of taking payment. We have no reason to sit on an order unless the product is not available. If we can get an order out the same day as payment we will. In most cases, maximum 3 days depending on the demands of the orders.

Pet Owner Questions

How do I transfer my pet's ashes?

Each urn container is different. If you look at the container that you wish to purchase, the way to open the vessel is included in the description of the product.

Do I mail you the cremains?

No, we will ship you the urn products and you can put the ashes into the vessel yourself before returning the ashes to your client.

What makes an urn an urn?

The definition of an urn is a place to put something. So long as the vessel will hold the cremains/ashes, you can call the container an urn.

How do I know what size of urn to buy?

Every pound of weight requires roughly 1 cubic inch for ashes/cremains. For example, if your pet is 25 pounds it will require roughly 25 cubic inches of space in the urn. We have tried to give accurate estimates for each urn size.

What if I need an urn that is larger than 200 cubic inches?

What if I need an urn that is larger than 200 cubic inches? I can purchase one for you understanding that the order will be coming directly from the manufacturer, and it will take time for it to be made.

What do people do with a keepsake urn?

People will put a portion of the ashes/cremains into the keepsake container so that the ashes can be divided, and many family members can receive a little bit of the loved one. Some people will also use a keepsake urn to host a small portion of the ashes and then will chose to spread the rest. An entire domestic bird or pocket pet will more than likely fill a keepsake urn if the family wants to use it as an urn option as well.