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About Spirit of Life

Spirit of Life Memorial Products has been a part of the pet cremation industry for 13 years.

As owners of a pet crematorium on Vancouver Island, the staff at Spirit of Life understand the unique needs of pet crematoriums.

Business is personal…

As pet crematorium owners, Tara and Andre were frustrated by the lack of options in Canada to provide their clients with decent options for memorial products.

Tara and Andre Laderoute started Spirit of Life Memorial Products Canada when they felt the frustration of not being able to get urn products for their own crematorium on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. With clients’ tastes becoming ever-more sophisticated thanks to websites like Pinterest, Tara and Andre wanted a broader range of newer, more modern products that were of high quality.

They also owned an engraving shop and felt the same frustration when it came to serving customers through their retail store front. All their orders had to be made based on projections or their clients would be left waiting a long period of time for their urn products of choice. Tara decided to establish relationships with manufacturers around the world offering their memorial products to crematoriums, veterinarian clinics and engraving shops across the country. The timing of the company is as such that we have hit roadblocks due to CoVid, just as others have, but we are testing the waters (literally) and doing all we can to provide great quality, unique, wholesale memorial products for our customers. We are offering a variety of price points keeping quality our top priority.  We want your clients to feel confident with their pet’s final resting place.

Providing Comfort in a Grave Industry

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Spirit of Life Memorial is one of Canada's leading providers of high quality pet memorial products.

We carry a vast selection of urns in wood, metal, ceramic, and resin. We also have options for paw print kits, cremation jewelry and outdoor items such as garden stones. Our goal is to have options for all kinds of home décor.


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